Academic Calendar


It is important to point out that the dates below apply to our core program; that is to say, Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. It does not apply to private tutoring, advanced modules as well as professional and group programs. These can be arranged and customized to meet learners’ specific needs both in terms of time and content.

Our academic calendar is divided into four terms: Fall, winter, spring and the summer. Each term extends over 12 weeks, except for the summer term which is an intensive six-week term. For the fall, winter and spring terms, classes meet Monday through Friday for 3 hours a day resulting in 180 teaching hours per term. As for the summer term, classes meet Monday through Friday for 4 hours a day resulting in 120 teaching hours. The table below details the schedule and the number of teaching hours for each term.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar: 2018-2019
Terms Dates Number of Teaching Hours
FallSeptember 10  December 2, 2018180
WinterJanuary 1  March 24, 2019180
SpringApril 1  June 23, 2019180
SummerJuly 1  August 11, 2019120

Important note!

We understand that there might be some students who cannot study for the entire term. We do accommodate this need provided that students start all terms from their start dates and carry it out for at least two weeks. For example, one can start the fall term on September 10 and finish on September 23. It goes without saying that tuition will differ in this case