IGAI’s extra-curricular activities and programs are a significant part of its language curricula

It is not only important for students’ learning experience to attend and take part in such activities, but they are also enjoyable and relaxing. These include a wide spectrum of fun and constructive activities which provide students with a window into daily life in Morocco and a good opportunity to practice the language and enrich their knowledge.

These include but not limited to:

Lectures:  We offer a series of lectures on various topics such as Moroccan history and culture, Islamic civilization and other contemporary issues in Morocco and the Arab world.

Calligraphy workshops:  Calligraphy remains the most widespread art form in the Arab world and a fascinating means of expression through image and words. Calligraphy is often referred to as “the geometry of spirit.” We invite an expert in calligraphy to conduct series of workshops.

N.B. You can contact us for the possibility of a full course or a series of workshops in calligraphy.


Cultural sessions: In addition to language classes which take place in the morning, we offer few cultural sessions in the afternoon, which introduce some aspects of the Moroccan culture such as cuisine, customs, celebrations, media, clothing, music … etc. 

Moroccan craftsmanship:  We organize visits to various Moroccan craftsmanship workshops and learning centers such as tiles, plaster and wood work. This is a mesmerizing opportunity for students to learn how does Moroccan craftsmen design and make the intricate motifs. ,

N.B. You can contact us for the possibility of a full course or a series of workshops in these crafts.

Cooking lessons: Students will not only taste delicious Moroccan food at the institute, but they will also be taught how to make famous Moroccan dishes with the cook’s help. We often have students from various countries cook for us and introduce their countries’ famous dishes, which is an exciting intercultural exchange.

Movies and documentaries: We show movies and documentaries in Arabic and English about the Arab and Muslim world followed by a discussion.

Trips, excursions and tours: Morocco is a country where you can find high mountains, beautiful beaches and fascinating imperial and medieval cities. Students will have the opportunity to travel to the Atlas Mountains, tour on Fez Medina, travel to various cities such as Meknes, Marrakesh; Rabat and Casablanca as well as the Roman city of Volibilis and the fascinating Moroccan Sahara.

Henna: Female students can hire a hennaya (a woman who does intricate henna designs) to design their hands and ankles with beautiful and intricate designs.