How do/can markets that govern a market economy resolve information asymmetry and avoid market failures?

It is now recognized in the field of economics that the assumption of perfect information in economic transactions is completely unrealistic and information remains imperfect (not for every transaction or economic activity). Obtaining information can be costly, and the extent of information asymmetries is affected by firms and individuals (Stiglitz, 2000: 1441).   There are [...]

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The Role of Modern Arab Media in Modern Arab Nationalism

There are three social groups which operated within the cultural phase of Arab nationalism; the intellectual group among those used newspapers to disseminate their nationalist ideas about the Arab culture resulting in giving birth to the first stage of modern Arab media. In fact, the Arabic language printed press played an important role in ushering [...]

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What is the Source of Power in Economic Relationships?

Before attempting to answer the question above, it is important to summarize Caporaso’s and Levine’s approach to understanding political economy. The authors, as I understand it, present more than one source of power in economic relationships as they attempt to define politics and economics and present a new conceptualization of political economy.   While there [...]

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The elements of decorative arts in the Islamic and Moroccan architecture

  Geometry In addition to its primary function to solve mathematical problems, geometry can be used to create beautiful designs. Working with different geometric shapes allows Moroccan artists to produce an endless variety of patterns which can be limited only by the artist’s imagination. These patterns typify the Islamic art’s interests in repetition, symmetry and [...]

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Decorating the Moroccan Salon

Moroccans are well-known for their hospitality. This is not only reflected in the way they greet and host their guests, but it is also embodied in the meticulous attention they pay to decorating the salon or the reception room where the guests are welcomed. Architecturally speaking, the salon remains the biggest room in the Moroccan [...]

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A Calligraphy Workshop

Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute organized a calligraphy workshop for a group of American professors and students. The workshop starts with a presentation on the origins and development of Islamic calligraphy followed by a lesson on how to make a traditional pen and ended by practicing writing letters in one of the styles of calligraphy. The [...]

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The World’s Oldest Library Has Reopened

  The World's Oldest Library Has Reopened After years of renovations. by Eric Grundhauser      June 29, 2016 Adopted from The world’s oldest working library at the al-Qarawiyyin University in Fez, Morocco is once again open and ready for visitors, having been closed for massive restorations since 2012, according to Tech Insider. The al-Qarawiyyin library [...]

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