Housing options

Students may choose from two housing options:

IGAI’s Rooms & Apartments

Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute’s  rooms and apartments are located within walking distance from the Institute.  We guarantee a peaceful setting for studying and relaxing. Students will have access to spacious, furnished and air-conditioned  shared rooms, a common kitchen and bath facilities in addition to a TV room and a computer lab with access to the internet. The Institute is also equipped with wireless connection. It is important to point out that due to the limited number of rooms, the available rooms will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.


Some students prefer to live with a Moroccan family, which allows them to live a unique experience; an experience which provides each student with a window into family life in Morocco. Homestays include room and board for a fixed fee which range from 1200-1500 DH per week plus a one-time service fee of 300 DH.

Students will be placed with a family according to their particular needs such as dietary restrictions, which should be mentioned in advance. It is important to point out that we cannot guarantee a homestay family within walking distance of the Institute due to the limited number of available families.

Additionally, it is especially important to highlight some of the difficulties encountered by students in their attempt to adapt to a Moroccan family’s life style. These include but not limited to new meal times and dietary habits, lack of privacy and lack of enough space for studying.


Ibn Ghazi Arabic also offers food service. Fresh Moroccan breakfast and lunch are prepared and served everyday, except on Sundays. Student can take care of their dinner.  Students enjoy the delicious Moroccan cuisine which offers a variety of choices.






8500 DH ($900 or €850)

6500 DH ($700 or €650)

5000 DH ($550 or €500)

Duration of the Program

4-weeks (Intensive July-Summer session)



Number of teaching hours





N.B: The tuition above and the number of teaching hours apply if there is a group of at least four students. Otherwise, the tuition stays the same and the number of teaching hours drops by a third. In any rate, a smaller  group of students does allow a greater level learning in a shorter period.

Private Courses

Private and individual courses can also be arranged for 200 DH/hour/person.

Group rate (divided by the number of students): 2 students: 300 DH/hour. 3 students: 350DH/hour.  4 students: 400 DH/hour.



Methods of Payment

Tuition, housing and meals as well as homestay fees are due the first day of class. We accept payment in Moroccan Dirham, euros or dollars.  Students can withdraw money from any ATM in Morocco using their credit/debit cards.

Estimated cost for a four-week program

Dirham MAD
$ Dollar Euro
Tuition 6500 (all sessions)

8500 (July intensive session)

750 (all sessions)

950 (July intensive session)

650 (all sessions)

850 (July intensive session)

Housing 3500 400 350
Meals 2000 225 200
Course materials 450 50 45
Trips and excursions 1000 110 100
Air fare to Morocco and back This differs from where you come from, but students usually find good deals.
Miscellaneous and personal expenses Spending habits differ and so are the estimates. Things are considerably cheap in comparison with most countries where students come from.
TOTAL estimates excluding air fare and personal expenses. 13 450 DH $ 1535 1345