Core Programs

Below are important things to take into account about our tuitions:

  • In addition to Arabic instruction, the tuition includes cultural immersion activities (calligraphy workshops, cooking classes, a tour to the historic medina of Fez, a visit to craftsmanship workshops), tutoring and homework assistance in the afternoons, and comprehensive assistance from friendly and attentive staff.

  • The tuitions do not include housing, textbooks, trips and excursions and airport pick-up/drop-off.

  • The tuitions outlined below apply to our core program; that is, Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

  • Discounts are offered depending on whether a student is applying alone or with other friends or colleagues for the same term and in the same level as well as whether they are applying for more than one term. This meant to provide incentives for students/colleagues from the same school/organization and level, or friends and colleagues from a different school or organization, but the same level in addition to students who want to carry out their studies from one term to another. In this case, applicants should inform us that they are applying along with another or other applicants in order to benefit from the discount offered.

  • Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute does not charge a registration fee and does not require a deposit.

  • All amounts are in Moroccan Dirham (MAD). The normal exchange rate is €1 = MAD 10 – $1 = 9 MAD. Students may pay in one of the three currencies. For students who choose to pay in US dollar or Euro, we will apply the exchange rate of the day the tuitions are paid.

  • Tuitions are shown per one student and are due the first week of class.


Tuitions for our Core Programs in Moroccan Dirham (MAD)


One term

Multiple terms

Fall – Winter – Spring

Summer Fall – Winter – Spring


Single applicant

16 200 10 800 14 500 9800

Duos & Trios

13 500


12 200


Group application (4 to 8 applicants) 9800 6500 8900



Important notes!

  • We offer 20 percent discount for our alumni; this applies on the single applicant tuition above both for one term and multiple terms.
  • Students who are interested in attending one of these terms, but they do not want to spend the entire period can choose to spend at least two weeks from each term at a reduced tuition which varies depending on the period chosen. However, students must start their classes on the start date of the term and extend their studies to whatever period they choose. For example, if a student is interested in attending the summer term, but he is not willing to spend the entire six weeks of the term, he can do that provided that he spends at least two weeks from the term and must start on July 1. For more information on the tuition for such an option, please contact us with details on the term you are interested in and the period you want to spend.



Private tutoring

As we mention in the Academic Calendar section, private tutoring is customizable to meet students’ specific needs both in terms of time and content. The rate for private tutoring depends on the number of students and the number of hours taken.

Tuition for Private Tutoring per student per hour in  Moroccan Dirham (MAD)


Less than 10 hours 10 to 20 hours

More than 20 hours

Single applicant

250 200


Duos & Trios 200 160


Group application (4 to 8 applicants) 130     100