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Take a trip back in time and you may just learn something about the future.

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Experience the rich diversity of the Moroccan culture and live in the largest medieval city in the world.

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A unique and inclusive summer program which offers more than Arabic courses and cultural programs.

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Gain a real insight into one of the most mesmerizing cultures in the world.

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Learn Arabic while having fun and being fully immersed in an Arab culture.

Thomas Howes-WardThomas Howes-WardUniversity of Exeter, England
I have countless good memories of the six-weeks I spent with the Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute this summer. I soon felt at home there, all of the staff were incredibly welcoming and good fun, and the building itself has all the facilities you need. The Arabic programme was balanced in a way that made classes challenging yet enjoyable, and with every week that passed our improvement was clear to see. We had 3 hours of intensive lessons a day, with homework given, which meant there was enough time in the afternoons to explore Fes and the surrounding areas. The opportunity to talk in Arabic every day, and to study every day, was extremely beneficial, and my Arabic has drastically improved. I would recommend IGAI to anyone, and would definitely love to go back!.
John ZakharievJohn Zakharievfrom Australia
From the moment I arrived to Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute, I was firstly impressed with the school itself and also how professional it's staff were in taking care of my every needs from getting my room at the school all set for me even before my arrival to them taking time out of their busy schedules to show me around Fez and also to show where all the resturants and cafes were. The classes were always fun and interactive and the dedication of my teacher, Fouad, was unmatched; he truly enjoyed his job and carried it out very well. I certainly look forward to returning in the summer to study for a few months.
Zohaib AkhtarZohaib AkhtarEngland
My experience at Ibn Ghazi was Great, Amazing Director Good staff with good manners, good teaching, I moved up quickly in my Arabic level in just 3 weeks!
Kati CsomanKati CsomanDean, Office of International Education. Juniata College,, Pennsylvania
The teacher provided excellent language instructions as well as an enjoyable personality and genuine interest in cultural exchange. We especially appreciated the opportunity to ask our guests about their culture, and I think we all feel that we progressed very well in Arabic. The mentors were unbelievable! They made the entire experience wonderful.
Viola GullianiViola GullianiCa’ Foscari Venezia University, Italy
My experience at IGAI has been really a great experience not only for the Arabic language learning but also for the friendly atmosphere and the people I have met at IGAI. For me, IGAI was not only my school but it was also my home. The program was very intensive and useful. In fact, I have learnt in one month more than one full year in my home university.
Nathalie Atger, FranceNathalie Atger, FranceUnited Nations, Geneva
IGAI’s summer programme was quite positive and largely met my expectations. The atmosphere was friendly; the teacher was enthusiastic, highly skilled and had a good sense of humor. I liked the idea of using two different manuals which were complementary for teaching Arabic. The use of computer and internet resources were also very useful. After my experience at IGAI, I feel more confident about expressing myself in Arabic.
Khalid Kala, BotswanaKhalid Kala, BotswanaFordham University, USA
“The course was well-organized and well-taught. The accommodation was confortable and hospitable and the food was great. One very positive aspect in my experience at IGAI was my conversation partner, Youssef, my daily conversations with whom provided me with confidence in speaking Arabic.”
Clara PolistenaClara PolistenaUniversity of Venice, Italy
My experience at IGAI has been of a great help in the beginning of my Arabic studies. I managed, thanks to IGAI and its staff, to truly get in touch with the Moroccan way of life and mentality, which is fascinating. After IGAI’s experience, I can proudly say that I have a strong motivation to continue my Arabic studies. I highly recommend IGAI to anybody who wishes to dive into a full comprehensive experience in an Arab country, to learn not just its language but also its way of experiencing and dealing with life. The teachers and other staff are caring and kind hearted people who will always occupy a place in my heart with happy and friendly memories.
Alice De NardiAlice De NardiUniversity of Venice, Italy
My experience at IGAI has been very good, the lessons were interesting and well organized and the teachers have proved very useful and really friendly.I think that thanks to this course, my Arabic improved, so thank you so much for this month I spent here in Morocco.
Kaspar Gertsch, SwitzerlandKaspar Gertsch, SwitzerlandSciences Po, Paris
I really enjoyed my course at IGAI. The teacher was highly competent and the administrative staff friendly and helpful. The accommodation was clean, calm and confortable.
Deb RoneyDeb RoneyDirector, Language in Motion & Assistant Professor of English. Juniata College. PA, USA.
Although I started with virtually no knowledge of Arabic, I was able to meet my language objectives because our Arabic instructor was excellent. He pushed us to achieve more than we thought we could. Some days we wished we had had less homework and more time to explore Fes, but I am glad that he pushed us and that I did that homework. In addition, the outside lecturers who were invited to speak with us contributed so much to my understanding of Moroccan culture and society; they were thought provoking. Finally, the Institute arranged for some excellent trips in Fes and beyond, and the entire IGAI staff was friendly and helpful. Thank you for an enriching experience!
Areesh HaqAreesh HaqUniversity of Syracuse, USA
“IGAI was a great experience in terms of cultural and linguistic learning. The teacher was excellent and the pace was perfect. IGAI’s residence was very confortable and the food was delicious.”
Ernest Kwasi-Owusu Osei Ernest Kwasi-Owusu Osei Ghana
Before making it to the course, I had no belief I could make a significant improvement in Arabic as an absolute beginner, but the help of the amazing director and staff, I can now read and write and express myself in Arabic. Apart from the learning experience, there is a great teacher/student relationship, which makes the atmosphere in Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute one of the best in studying Arabic
Emil NagengastEmil NagengastProfessor, Politics & Chair of the Department of Politics. Juniata College. PA, USA.
Excellent program, well done! Ibn Ghazi Institute has excellent facilities, a serious and helpful staff, and a nice location. I recommend them highly to anyone interested in studying Arabic. I completed a 6 week intensive course there, and they gave me a solid foundation in Arabic.
Martina GaleatiMartina GaleatiCa’ Foscari University, Italy
I really liked the courses and I think it is a very useful experience. In general, I liked to experience the Moroccan and Arab culture because I learned not only the language – which I adore- but also the Moroccan way of life and mentality.
Matthew BrauerMatthew BrauerNorthwestern University, USA
I had a positive experience with IGAI. I very much appreciate how much Fouad and Hicham accommodated me with private instruction that was tailored at the last minute since I had failed to communicate well where I was in al-Kitaab. They and the other staff at IGAI made me feel comfortable and helped extend my learning experience outside of my hours of instruction in the morning.
David MannDavid MannWaldo Middle School, Salem, Oregon, USA.
I really enjoyed the moments, especially with the mentors, when we got to see what ordinary Arabic life is like in Morocco.
Gaineyou SalamyGaineyou SalamyTyrone School District, Tyrone, PA, USA.
My experience was satisfactory, I learned the basics of Arabic language and hope to be able to learn more on my own.I enjoyed learning the culture through the field trips and class discussions.
Michelle StewardMichelle Steward Juniata Valley School District, Alexandria, PA, USA.
I had a wonderful experience in Morocco. The language courses in addition to the weekend excursions provided a basic foundation about the history and culture of Morocco.The instructors, administrators, and cooking staff were very friendly.
Jim RoneyJim RoneyProfessor of Russian. Juniata College. PA, USA.
I am extremely happy with my time here, the mentors were a great addition to our time, kudos to our teacher! He handled a mixed group with energy and goodwill.I learned more from his pronunciation exercises than from the ones in the book.I really enjoyed the lectures.
Martina RizzoMartina RizzoSyracuse University, USA
“I truly believe that I learnt a lot in this course. the instructor was very keen to help the students. The food was very delicious and the room was very confortable.”
Eric ToderEric ToderTuscarora Intermediate Unit, McVeytown, PA. USA.
Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!
Michael HendersonMichael HendersonProfessor, French & Chair, World Languages & Culture Department. Juniata College. PA, USA.
Excellent! The excursions were fun, delightful and informative.
Federica MessinaFederica MessinaUniversity of Venice; Italy
I would recommend the courses in term of teaching and even for excursions, the stuff was enjoyable.

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