Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute is endowed with a competent and friendly team dedicated to offering the best linguistic and cultural experience for our students. Almost all our instructors completed an advanced graduate degree and all of them have a long experience teaching Arabic as a foreign language in Morocco or in the US as Fulbright scholars. In addition to an uncompromising excellence in teaching, our instructors have developed other qualities which remain necessary in the students’ learning process. These include cross-cultural competence, patience and creativity. Working closely with our instructors is IGAI’s administration which constitutes of young and experienced individuals with meticulous attention to detail that aims at establishing an optimum learning environment.

The administration plays a pro-active role in the academic development of our students through different ways which include but not limited to:

  • Assessing the student’s competencies to achieve the most optimal level placement.

  • Regularly meeting with the instructors to ensure that the course objectives are met and the students’ skills are developed progressively.

  • Assessing students’ program evaluations at the academic and cultural levels to improve our services and address potential shortcomings in a timely manner.

  • Guiding students during their time in Fez through offering daily assistance.