Despite the drastic changes and security challenges undergone by  many countries in the Middle East and North Africa after the Arab uprisings that started in 2011, Morocco is one of very few countries in the region, which have maintained a political stability and an unparalleled security in the Arab world. More particularly, Fez is a safe and peaceful touristic city that attracts tourists from all over the world because of its rich history and culture as well as its safety and tranquility.

Upon their arrival, students can choose to buy a Moroccan phone card for few pennies to be able to call one of the institute’s staff in case they need help out of work hours. In fact, Moroccan SIM cards are sometimes offered for free at the airport. Students can also use the internet for the same purpose. We will be there to assist students in case of emergency including health problems. The institute’s staff are well-connected to a network of competent doctors in various medical specialities. We recommend that students bring their medical file with them in case of health problems; in addition, although most drugs can be found in Moroccan pharmacies, we advise students to bring their own medical items necessary for their well-being.