Booking your flight

Thanks to its unique geo-strategic position at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, almost all major airlines serve Morocco as it stands at the crossroads of the world. As a result, the cost of flights are highly competitive and more likely to be a lot cheaper compared to all other Arab countries. We will be happy to provide assistance and advice for admitted students who might encounter some trouble arranging for their travel.

Airport transportation

We understand that traveling to a new country might be stressful for some students. Therefore, our students do not have to worry about arranging for airport transportation. We arrange for a pick-up and a drop-off to and from Fez Sais Airport at anytime at a rate of 250 MAD (The normal exchange rate is €1 = MAD 10 – $1 = 9 MAD). We can also arrange for transportation from any other airport in Morocco at a different rate. Students should notify us of the exact arrival date and time at least three days before their arrival to be able to arrange for this service. Students will see their name in a placard held high by one of our friendly drivers who will take them to their residence. At the end of your program, one of our drivers will you pick-up from your residence to take you back to the airport.


As far as the visa is concerned, Morocco is one of the most open nations due to its excellent reputation for tourism and its tradition of hospitality. As of July 1. 2017, citizens of 70 countries can visit Morocco for a  maximum of 90 days with a passport valid for at least three months on the date of arrival. Visa-exempt foreign nationals include. Ut not limited to all European Union citizens, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore (30 days), South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States of America.

Note: A passenger who does not have Moroccan identity papers (passport or identity card) is considered as a foreign passenger even if he / she has a multi-citizenship.