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Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute has developed an excellent reputation as one of the leading institutes in the MENA area for Arabic language teaching. Our intensive and comprehensive curriculum takes a student from the basics of Arabic language to the level of mastery. We do not only teach Arabic language, but we also train advanced students to teach this language along with Islamic studies at American and European universities.   Despite the fact that our courses are mainly targeting university-level students and time-starved professionals, we have had students as young as 10 years old and as old as 60 years old and from all walks of life.


 An Ideal Location

Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute is located in the historical and cultural capital of Morocco, Fez. Fez is home to the largest medieval city in the world and one of few remaining ones; it also hosts Al Qaraouine which remains the oldest university in the world.    Located in a calm and secure residential area few minutes walk from the city center and 10 minutes drive from the historic Medina, Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute provides an ideal setting for perfecting one’s Arabic and immersing in the Moroccan culture. Morocco, especially Fez has a rich Arab and Islamic heritage and its people’s natural hospitality has always been a source of everlasting great memories for our students.


Extra-Curricular Activities

At Ibn Ghazi Arabic institute, we believe that taking part in our extra-curricular activities is an important part of our cultural immersion program. Not only do these activities help students in their learning process, but they are also enjoyable and relaxing. Students can participate in a wide spectrum of activities which include but not limited to lectures, calligraphy workshops, trips and excursions, cooking classes, cultural sessions and a guided tour to the medina. Our partnerships with local NGOs and associations allow interested students to volunteer, which provides more depth and meaning to language learning and cultural immersion.



Ibn Ghazi Arabic institute is housed in a spacious facility which features a mixture of traditional Moroccan decorative arts and modern architecture. Our classrooms are roomy and equipped with air-conditioning, which allow our students to study in a tranquil environment free from all kinds of disturbance and turmoil. In addition to the computer lab, the entire facility is connected to wi-fi. Students also have access to a library, a copy center and a kitchen.


A Cost-Effective Choice  

The high standards of our curricula, the relatively modest tuition, the low cost of living in Fez compared to other big cities in Morocco and the Arab world as well the widely available cheap flights to and from Morocco are all competitive and comparative advantages that make Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute a cost-effective choice for studying Arabic in the region.