Students may choose from two housing options, which they have to indicate in the application form.

  1. Shared Apartments

At Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute, we believe that a comfortable living setting is crucial for students’ academic success. Our apartments are located within walking distance from the city center and from the Institute in a very safe and upscale  neighborhood, which guarantees a peaceful setting for studying and relaxing. Our students will have access to spacious and furnished apartments with an equipped kitchen as well as bath and washing facilities. Students can also request cleaning services free of charge whenever they need. The number of students per apartment does not exceed 4 and the rate per student per month is 3500 MAD. The normal exchange rate is €1 = MAD 10 – $1 = 9 MAD.

  1. Homestay

Some students prefer to stay with a Moroccan family, which allows them to live a unique experience; an experience which provides each student with a window into family life in Morocco. Homestay includes room and board for a fixed fee which ranges from 900 to 1100 MAD per week per student.

Students will be placed with a family according to their particular needs such as dietary restrictions, which should be mentioned in advance. It is important to point out that we cannot guarantee a homestay family within walking distance of the Institute due to the limited number of available families. Additionally, it is especially important to highlight some of the difficulties encountered by students in their attempt to adapt to a Moroccan family’s life style. These include but not limited to new meal times and dietary habits, lack of privacy and lack of enough space for studying.


Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute also offers food service. Fresh Moroccan breakfast and lunch are prepared and served at the institute everyday, except on the weekend.  Students enjoy the delicious Moroccan cuisine which offers a variety of choices. It is important to clarify that the catering service can only be offered if there are enough interested students who are willing to pay for this service during the entire term. Therefore, admitted students should communicate their interests in the catering service once they receive their admission letter. In any rate, our apartments are equipped with well-equipped kitchens that can be used for cooking. The rate per meal is 25 MAD for breakfast and 50 MAD for lunch.