At Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute, our mission goes beyond merely offering a linguistic and cultural immersion program in an Arab country. More importantly, we aim at being a platform of intercultural dialogue and a locale where students from different nationalities and faiths exchange ideas and build lifetime friendships. This mission has not come out of the clear blue sky; rather, it was an intentionally established goal by the founder of the institute, Mr. Fouad Touzani who is a former Fulbright scholar. The same values characterizing the Fulbright program are personified at Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute; namely, mutual respect, cultural understanding and bridge-building.

Our students come from diverse nationalities, faiths and professions; they wear the hats of the ambassadors of their countries to the Arab world, yet their experience at IGAI broadens their perspectives and fosters their mutual growth. The fact that our instructors and administrative staff are of Arab and Muslim background helps to guarantee that multicultural exchange is accomplished in a professional manner. A combination of a strong linguistic program, an encouraging immersive environment and a global platform of intercultural dialogue is the essence of who we are at Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute.