At Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute, we have a comprehensive approach to teaching Arabic as a foreign language. Most students lean toward focusing on grammar and overlook speaking, listening and writing, resulting in a significant disparity in language acquisition. We believe that mastering Al i’rab (grammatical inflection) is important; however, students should also enrich their vocabulary to be able to read a short story and comfortably carry out a conversation for more than few minutes.

IGAI’s philosophy averts a limiting approach to teaching Arabic as a foreign language; we believe that achieving proficiency in language necessitates a balanced combination of reading, listening, writing and speaking practice. Our highly-experienced instructors work closely with students to overcome their difficulties in learning Arabic and advance their language acquisition.

Our classes meet four hours per day, Monday through Friday, during the summer session, and three hours per day, Monday through Friday, during the fall, winter and spring sessions. We purposefully limit the number of students to 10 per class to accelerate the learning process, provide students with individual attention and allow more interaction. Students from all levels are encouraged to speak Arabic in and out of the classroom as well as participate in class discussion to progressively develop their abilities to converse in Arabic.