Despite the fact that the main purpose of our academic program is to complement academic programs of universities abroad, especially US and European universities, we understand that the pace and the content of our regular academic program may not meet some learners’ needs both in terms of time and purpose. While some may prefer a more intensive course, others may be more inclined to focus on a particular skill or on mastering the grammar.

Thanks to the different backgrounds and areas of expertise of our instructors, we can customize a package to meet the needs of students from the diplomatic or corporate world as well as other sectors. Such a package is also customizable in terms of time as it can be arranged anytime and does not have to be bound to our regular academic calendar.

We are also open to group programs that aim at blending studies and tourism in one hybrid package. Because of its rich history and cultural heritage as well as its very secure environment, Morocco remains a strong candidate for such programs in the MENA area. Whether you are a governmental or non-governmental organization aiming at giving your employees the opportunity to discover one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute can help you plan your trip; more importantly, we can add an educational touch to this program, which allows your group members to go back home fond of the rich Arab and Muslim culture found in Morocco and, at the same time, a basic knowledge of Arabic language.