At Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute, we believe that learning Arabic language and immersing in the Arab and Moroccan culture cannot be done in the classroom only. Volunteering is not only an effective way to learn Arabic language and immerse in the Moroccan culture, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to help the underprivileged groups of society. Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute works with local organizations in Fez to provide interested students with volunteering opportunities to contribute to improving the lives of vulnerable children, youth and women in

orphanages, centers for people of disabilities, and women’s shelters.

Students who are interested in such activities should send the documents below at least two weeks before their arrival so that we would be able to match their interests with the right organization.

  • A copy of your passport

  • A detailed CV

  • A statement of purpose detailing your goals and preferences.

It is worth noting that while we strive to find good volunteering opportunities for interested students, we do not guarantee that we will always do due to the fact that the organizations we work might not always have available volunteering opportunities. Therefore, the earlier we receive your request, the more chances we will have to secure a volunteering opportunity for you.

While we do not charge a fee for finding a good volunteering opportunity for our students, the transportation cost to and from students’ residence is their responsibility.


Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute does not sponsor or endorse in any way the agencies allocated for students’ volunteering activities, nor their affiliates or subsidiary organizations. What happens at the volunteering site does not reflect upon us, nor are we responsible for anything that happens during such activities.