Calligraphy workshop for Australian professionals

[rev_slider calligraphyworkshop]   Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute organized, May 26, 2014,  a calligraphy workshop for a group of Australian professionals. The participants were introduced to the birth and development of Islamic Calligraphy, learned how to make the special pen (kasbah), and practiced writing letters and their names in one of the calligraphy styles. The participants [...]

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Fez: The Gem of the Arab World

[rev_slider FezTheGemoftheArabWorld] [sep height="30"][sep height="30"]Fez: The Gem of the Arab World 1.    Fez: An Overview Fez is the cultural, historical and spiritual capital of Morocco as well as the most imperial among Moroccan imperial cities. Fez is the intellectual capital of Morocco, the capital of Moroccan craftsmanship and the gem of the Arab world. Just [...]

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Ten reasons to study Arabic

[rev_slider Whystudyarabic] [sep height="30"][sep height="30"]Ten reasons for studying Arabic [sep height="30"]1.               The 5th most commonly spoken native language in the world: Arabic is the official language in more than 20 countries and the native-tongue of more than 300 million mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, but also Arab minorities all over the world. [...]

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