The sound and weak verbs in Arabic language

A. الفعل الصحيح The sound verb Verbs that have no vowel (ا، و،ي) 1. الفعل السالم Regular sound verbs Verbs that have no Hamza or shadda: جلس، كتب، سمع., 2. Irregular sound verbs a. الفعل المهموز Mamzated sound verbs Where ء is one of the consonants: أخذ، أكل، سأل، ملأ، لجأ b. لفعل المضعف Germinate/doubled [...]

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The Role of the American President in Establishing US Foreign Policy: The Case of the Middle East and North Africa

This article examined the foreign policy roles of the the American president in the Middle Eastern context in order tofind out how they establish and shape foreign policies in the region and what are the pivotal and continual interests of the USin the areain addition to the degree of change of US foreign policies in [...]

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How do/can markets that govern a market economy resolve information asymmetry and avoid market failures?

It is now recognized in the field of economics that the assumption of perfect information in economic transactions is completely unrealistic and information remains imperfect (not for every transaction or economic activity). Obtaining information can be costly, and the extent of information asymmetries is affected by firms and individuals (Stiglitz, 2000: 1441).   There are [...]

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The Role of Modern Arab Media in Modern Arab Nationalism

There are three social groups which operated within the cultural phase of Arab nationalism; the intellectual group among those used newspapers to disseminate their nationalist ideas about the Arab culture resulting in giving birth to the first stage of modern Arab media. In fact, the Arabic language printed press played an important role in ushering [...]

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What is the Source of Power in Economic Relationships?

Before attempting to answer the question above, it is important to summarize Caporaso’s and Levine’s approach to understanding political economy. The authors, as I understand it, present more than one source of power in economic relationships as they attempt to define politics and economics and present a new conceptualization of political economy.   While there [...]

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