The comparative and superlative افعل التفضيل
1. The Superlative
• The superlative adjective, named افعل التفضيل after its وزن is formed by putting the جذر of the adjective into وزن افعل
do these adjectives حسن جميل كريم قليل كبير حار بعيد جديد قديم سهل قصير طويل واسع ضيق بارد
• These words are fixed in form and cannot take ة .
• The irregular superlative the first اول and the last آخر take special form.
• The افعل adjective can be used in superlative phrases in which the adjective acts as a noun and is used in a kind of اضافة with an indefinite noun.
The most difficult exam اصعب امتحان The strangest movie اغرب فيلم
Important The superlative in Arabic is indefinite unlike in English
Fes is the oldest city in Morocco فاس اقدم مدينة مغربية
The last meeting with Fatima was two days ago آخر لقاء مع فاطمة كان قبل يومين

2. The comparative ……….
• Remember that the superlative adjective can act as the first noun in an اضافة. That is, it precedes the noun it modifies.
• The comparative is indicated through the use of افعل.as an adjective in an اسم + صفة construction. That is, it follows the noun it modifies. However, it differs from other adjectives is that it does not agree in gender with the noun and remains fixe din form.

The biggest room اكبر غرفة a bigger room غرفة اكبر

• To compare two entities, افعل Form is usually followed by من (Than).
Fes is bigger than Meknes فاس اكبر من مكناس