The Symbolism of Colors in the Moroccan Culture[sep height=”30″]

Colors have always had an eminent position in the history of mankind and although their symbolism can dramatically vary between cultures, research has shown that most colors have more positive associations than negative ones. Furthermore, colors have a deep psychological dimension as their choice can vividly reflect one’s psyche and personality.[sep height=”30″]

The first developmental phase of the Moroccan decorative arts was characterized by the prominent use of six colors: The white, the black, the blue, the green, the red and the yellow. Nowadays, there are more than twenty colors which allow wood and zellij craftsmen to be more creative in order to meet their clients’ various needs and tastes.[sep height=”30″]

The symbolism of colors in the Moroccan culture is greatly derived from Islam. The white is associated with wisdom, honor, dignity, purity and creative thinking. Sufi followers consider the white color as an inner light and describe it as the light of divine secrets. Moroccans wear white clothes in their joyful and sorrowful ceremonies. In so doing, they apply the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, who addresses all Muslims saying: “Wear white clothes, ask the live to wear the white and shroud the dead in them; they are the best clothes.” narrated by Al-Tirmidhi from Ibn Abass. On the other hand, the black is sometimes related to unclean and satanic things; in fact, there are still some Moroccan families that refuse to deal with the black in their clothes or furniture. Nowadays, dealing with the black remains a vogue among most Moroccans.[sep height=”30″]

The green is associated with nature and fertility. It also symbolizes prosperity, which explains the Moroccan tradition of sewing a green cover for the shrines of saints to seek their blessings. As for the blue, it is associated with the absolute and the infinite and it also embodies tranquility and peace of mind. Last but not least, the red is associated with exorcising evil spirits and the yellow symbolizes the wilting of things and their near end.[sep height=”30″]